Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Write Ads That Get the Sale! - A New Binder...

Just Released: Robert Collier, Eugene M. Schwartz, and Victor O. Schwab now tell you their secrets...

New Collection of Copywriting Secrets by Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz, and Victor O. Schwab just released!

I thought I was all done, after months of researching and editing and sweating over these old, out-of-print books – bringing these age-old truths back into print.

Then I saw that there was one more collection which needed to be created.

While the Masters of Marketing Secrets series had already been mined for the history of Advertising, and Salesmanship classics, I still hadn't told anyone which were the key books out of that dozen which held the core datums where a person could learn the “rainmaking” skill of copywriting.

That was how this series started. Looking up someone who was as much an “accidental” millionaire as he had any other reason for getting rich, he mentioned that in order to start a home business, you had to have a “rainmaking” skill – something which would bring in the sales.

It turns out they had it partially right – much like the rest of their “home business” advice. (Did I mention he was an “accidental” millionaire?)

Anyway, it turned out to be more than he imagined. That guy learned from some real jokers in the deck. Thought being a “market leader” was being arrogant. That isn't what the real marketers ever said, only some Johnie-come-lately wannabe's.

The real copywriters spoke to people – as close to one-on-one is as possible with direct mail or classified ads. People like Joe Sugarman, Bob Bly, and Eugene Schwartz were the most recent users and evangelists of this real-world approach to selling things.

A little more research uncovered the true mentors who had laid this out at the turn of the last century.
What they said then still hold true – because humankind hasn't really changed much in the last 10,000 years.

Those few books broadened out to a dozen. All from people who had tested and proved the principles as basic, and applicable to any and all marketing and sales.

From this book series, I've created this collection which specifically selected only the books which deal best with copywriting itself. The other two collections which preceded this dealt with the evolution of advertising itself, and defined salesmanship in a low-pressure scenario, which is becoming more the way online sales has trended. (In fact, you'll get banned on various sites if you try anything else...)

This collection is bringing you the best and brightest of copywriting experts – so you can learn first-hand what it is that is required to get sales from every ad you write.

For that is the test of good copywriting – it gets the sale.

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