Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Marketing Books You've Always Wanted Are On Their Way...

Update: Masters of Marketing Secrets Series now published as trade paperbacks.

Masters of Marketing Secrets Series now available in paperback from major retailers.

It's taken some work, which started late last year, just to get these books to you. I've just completed the proofing last night and these are enroute to Amazon, Ingrams, and other retail distributors so you can have hardcopy as well as ebook versions.

You're welcome.

Go ahead and ask your local bookstore to order you a copy. They're published by Lulu, so they should be welcome about anywhere that Indie Authors are sold. For now, the links below go to Lulu, who will print up your own personal version when you order them:

Additional ebook-only books in this series:

I've still got some work to get all the ebook versions actually showing up on iTunes, Nook, and Amazon - but they're coming. Google Play and Kobo have had them for some time, as well as Lulu proper. (See the individual sales pages for links.)

These will be followed by publishing to LeanPub, where you'll be able to get bundles of these books, and perhaps packages with special extras I have "leftover on the cutting room floor."

What's Next?

Despite my best intentions and planning, I've started writing a review of  Eugene Schwartz' Breakthrough Advertising - so there's some access to this data. Each of these Masters of Marketing Secrets books is intended to come out as a free email ecourse. But due to copyright restrictions, I wasn't able to reproduce Schwartz' book straight across - so a review helps everyone out.

Plus, it's part of the reason I took this study up - to learn from the Masters. Editing and proofing these for you is just part of the journey.

OK, it's back to the grindstone for me.

Have fun with this.

More coming.
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