Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your new Masters of Marketing Secrets Books are on their way...

The library of experts you've always wanted is nearly yours. Almost...

Just a few short downloads and you can have a boardroom of experts on your smartphone or tablet. Nearly...

Marketing Master's Secrets - a library of experts on your smartphone or tablet
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While I really need to take the time to lay reviews out - this will come eventually. Right now, I'm busy getting them posted to the last distributors: Kobo and GooglePlay. (Sorry, no Amazon as yet - but these will come. You see these are in the public domain or open-source, neither Amazon likes - so they'll take extra editing just to get them published there.) And then there is Leanpub, so I can get you binders and packages of goodies...

What I will tell you is that there are 9 books, 8 authors, and I'll be doing reviews of them as I go (starting immediately after I get the last one put into it's last "new bed.")

There's also some extras - little books and not-so-little, which either give you some insight about the early days of advertising, or more authors from that time period to enlighten you further about the evergreen marketing basics.

I just stole some time to keep you posted.

Right now, I've got them all set up on Lulu, both as epubs and paperbacks. Lulu is posting to iTunes and B&N for me. Those last two will show up in a month or so, but both Kobo and GooglePlay should show up in a couple of days from when I post.

Leanpub will be done after those two. I'll be able to put them together in a single binder for you, as well as various packages with other additional material for your study.  Leanpub will also give you PDF's and mobi versions - without all that "also-bought" noise that Amazon shovels around. (Nice folks, over there at Leanpub. And the best royalties in all of self-publishing. I think you'll like them a lot.)

Anyway - I have to get back to business here. There's a couple of other books I have been needing to publish for some time, so these are going up as well - a little added time, but not much.

Keep yourself posted. If you haven't subscribed (email or RSS-feed buttons above right...) do it now. And leave a comment if you have one.


Update: Lulu has gotten finicky about public domain books. They won't distribute them further than their own site. An author with a derivative work now has to self-publish directly to all the major distributors. (See link for their apparent reasoning.)

This means they aren't going to show up on iTunes right away, but gives me the incentive to get them up on Amazon, which will be better for you.

Next is to get the reviews of each worked up and then a summary chapter to add to each book which aligns these into a coherent system. Meanwhile, I've found another couple of books which will fit well into this series. I'll be putting them into one book for you, so stay tuned...
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