Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why all these books and what will you get?

This series of marketing books is yours because you deserve to know the truth - and they're coming to you in any version you like.

Essentially, ebooks, paperbacks, PDF's, ecourses, and (later) video courses and audiobooks.

Get the complete Masters of Marketing Secrets Series - paperback, ebook, ecourse.
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The idea is to make it possible for you to have a complete library of Marketing Classics by proven experts - wherever and whenever you want it.

Some like it on their smartphone, or e-reader. Other's like the touch and weight of a paperback - where they can dog-ear and highlight and underline to their heart's content.

We're also going to make these into ecourses with downloadable PDF's so you can study them thoroughly, printing out just what you need. As well, we're on the look out for existing audio versions of these books to link for you (like Librivox does so well.)

As we can, we'll later do video's, to make full courses for in-depth study.

Whatever you like, you should have it your way.

Sure, this is a lot of work.

Knowing and understanding tested and proven copywriting and marketing basics is the key reason and purpose behind all that's being done here.

My own story is that I was studying someone who was (as it turned out) a fake. He did give one great advice - learn to write great copy and you can accomplish almost anything. That guy made literally millions, but could have made more - if he'd only studied the Marketing greats who lived and wrote about what they knew before he was born.

When I did my own study of marketing, this is exactly what I found. The basics of Marketing, like the basic motivations of humankind, haven't changed since before written history started. They've been refined, true. Unfortunately, the vast bulk of the "guru" books out there today aren't based on true basics that work. They are instead based on short-cut marketing gimmicks which only work once or for a very short while.

That is why there is a "latest craze" going all the time - and why people hate advertising and salespeople.

There are underlying basics that these few recent "greats" either haven't learned, or won't tell their own readers about. Once you understand those basics, then the whole world is open to you.

You only have to find them, study them, and apply them.

The finding part has been done. Not that you can't find more - but a dozen books will set you off on the right path. Others will show up for you as you need them. Even in this case, I had to stop and editing additional books into this series because they made a point which supported all the Master Classics.

Right now, I'm busy editing a (hopefully) final book into this series and then will get back to publishing them. The bulk are up on Lulu, Kobo, and Google Play right now. Next will be Amazon, iTunes, and Nook. Wrapping it up with be Leanpub, where you'll be able to get these as one complete set of digital versions. I'll also create some packages for most of the books individually, so you have additional data which couldn't be included in the editing process.

As these books are published, I'll update each individual page for that book so you can get the different versions of each that are available.

The paperbacks are all available on Lulu right now, but I'll be finalizing the proofs so they can ship to Amazon and every bookseller on the planet via Ingram.

All just so you can get the version of any or all of this series you want.

Your welcome.

Have fun with these. I am.
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